Shopify Editions Summer ’23

With 100+ product updates, you can be more productive, creative, and powerful in commerce than you ever imagined. Watch the demo.

AI for commerce

We're all-in on AI. We believe we're entering a new era for technology and human creativity. AI is already changing how customers shop and businesses operate. Shopify Magic combines cutting-edge AI with our platform's data to help millions of businesses work faster, smarter, and more creatively.

Shopify Magic

AI designed for commerce

Discover the magic of growing your business with AI built directly into Shopify.


Every hero deserves a Sidekick

We believe entrepreneurs are heroes. Meet Sidekick, your new AI-enabled commerce assistant who helps you start, run, and grow your business.

Shopify Magic suggests personalized instant answers for your store’s Inbox chat. Review and publish FAQs that are generated for your business based on previous chats, your store’s policies, and data to help drive sales.

Shopify Magic suggests including two FAQs for this business: "How often do you restock?" and "What regions do you ship to?"

World's best checkout

Shopify is the checkout platform that helps customers buy more. With our world-class checkout that's accelerated with Shop Pay, new one-page checkout, and integrated extensibility platform, it's easier than ever to make checkout your own and help customers convert.

Commerce Components

Shop Pay can now drive conversion for the biggest brands on external checkouts

Now enterprise retailers not on Shopify will have access to Shop Pay. Seamlessly integrate the best-converting payment wallet into your existing checkout, and experience a 5% lift in lower funnel conversion.

Build the unique checkout your business needs. Choose from a growing selection of loyalty, product offer, and discount apps in the Shopify App Store to customize your checkout experience. Exclusive to Shopify Plus.

Features 4 apps: Checkout Blocks, for upselling and custom checkout content. Loyalty, for managing customer loyalty programs and rewards. Rebuy Personalization Engine, for unique product recommendations. Route, for in-store pickup options.

Sell to every customer

With new ways to customize your store and merchandise products, a fully integrated POS, and improved international support, we've got what you need to build the world’s best store, online and in-person.

Shopify Bundles app

Shopify Bundles app now in full release

Increase average order value, curate a better buyer experience, and sync inventory in real time with our new, free bundles app.

A discount code is provided for a bundle of three products.

Shop Pay Installments

Increase order value with Shop Pay Installments premium package

Maximize shoppers’ buying power with interest-free payments and terms up to 24 months.

APIs to support more than 100 product variants

Preview the next generation of product APIs designed to support larger, more complex products and product attributes.

Power of dynamic storefronts, at the speed of static

New WebAssembly compiler and runtime precompiles Liquid templates and executes machine code at the edge.

Shopify POS

Optimize your retail workflows to get more done with Shopify POS

Refund to existing gift cards, customize printed receipts, and help customers prioritize pickup locations.

Online Store editor

Preview sections and draft content in Online Store editor

Easily edit your theme and stage content with section previews and the ability to review draft products, pages, and blog posts before you publish them.

Shopify Subscriptions app

Introducing the Shopify Subscriptions app

Increase recurring revenue and build customer loyalty by offering your products as subscriptions.

Customers can make a one-time purchase or choose a 'subscribe and save' plan. If they select 'subscribe and save', they receive a 15% discount and can set their delivery frequency to either weekly or monthly.

Shopify Marketplace Connect

Manage your listings on the top marketplaces, all in one place

Shopify POS

Enhanced management tools for retail staffing

Attribute sales to a staff member, grant permissions, and easily edit from the organization settings.

Shopify POS

Streamlined and accurate inventory management in POS

Track your stock accurately with inventory management features in Shopify POS.

The SKU, Barcode, and inventory details are available for a yellow tennis shoe. The 'on hand' inventory is divided into three sub-categories: available, committed, and unavailable.

Online Store editor

Drag and drop to create custom layouts with flex sections

Easily drag, drop, re-size, group, and edit content all from our new WYSIWYG Online Store editor.

Shopify Themes

Theme header customizations that drive conversion

Now you can customize your announcement bar, modernize your store's header, and install apps that display prominently beside your cart to drive conversion.

Hydrogen + Oxygen

Build headless faster with the CLI, Remix, and custom observability

Jumpstart your Hydrogen store in minutes, and build faster with improvements to our React-based headless stack and your existing logging tools.

Storefront API

A limitless Storefront API

Host your biggest flash sale and never hit a throttle. We removed rate limits from the Storefront API and enhanced support for search and filtering.

Shopify Search & Discovery app

More ways to customize filters and manage large product catalogs

Drive product discovery with enhanced filtering capabilities, and save time with new bulk editing tools.

Shopify Markets Pro

Add Shop Pay and shipping options to Markets Pro

We're adding more payment methods and shipping options to our complete global selling solution, all built with our world-class checkout.

App development

Shopify is the platform for builders. We're creating the most extensible and reliable commerce platform, so you can develop custom shopping experiences across any layer of the stack, from storefront and checkout to backend business logic.

Shopify Functions

More powerful ways to extend Shopify’s backend logic

We’ve rolled out new Function APIs, made JavaScript support available in full release, and added new platform capabilities.

Introducing admin UI extensions with direct API access

With admin UI extensions, you can integrate your apps into the built-in pages of the Shopify admin.

New resources for creating beautiful apps

Deliver seamless, high-quality experiences with our updated App Design Guidelines, and get a head start updating your app’s design language with the beta release of Polaris v12.

Over $1.5 billion

in earnings by app developers since we launched the Shopify App Store. We couldn’t be more proud of the developers growing their businesses on Shopify.

Shopify App Store

More ways to get your app discovered and installed

Get your app in front of millions of businesses with the Built for Shopify program, geotargeted ads, updated Shopify App Store search rankings, and more.

With configuration as code, you can now use the file in your app’s root directory to manage all of your app configurations, enabling a streamlined, CLI-first workflow for more easily defining, testing, and collaborating on app configurations. Create multiple configuration files and quickly switch between environments while building your app.

New partner accounts come with a pre-populated development store, giving you instant access to robust sample data, so you can start hacking and testing quickly. If you have an existing partner account, you can optionally choose the pre-populated data set when creating a new development store. We've also updated our structured tutorials to a two-column layout for an improved learning experience.

The Shop channel

Customize your Shop Store to make your brand stand out, engage shoppers with AI and tailored product discovery, and acquire new customers with Shop Cash offers.

Shop app

Optimize your Shop Store for millions of mobile shoppers

Boost engagement and drive conversions on your Shop Store with customized branding, collections, and more.

Shop app

Engage your target audience with AI and tailored discovery

Reach more shoppers with Shop’s fully personalized shopping feed and AI-driven product recommendations.

Amplify your customer reviews across channels

Help shoppers buy with confidence by showcasing your reviews from Shop in other channels.

Sign in easier, check out faster

Give customers a seamless shopping experience from sign-in with Shop to an accelerated checkout.

Using Shop, a returning customer can select 'continue as...', while a new customer has the option to sign up using their phone number.

Full-stack marketing

We're connecting our marketing tools to help you scale your audience. Understand your customers, advertise smarter, and spend less.

Shopify Marketing Tools

Keep customers coming back with email, chat, forms, segmentation, and automation tools

View all your segments in one place, and build segments using new filters to sort by who has viewed a product or collection, upcoming anniversaries like birthdays, and how often a customer purchases a product.

Segmentation for apps

Apps can now build directly into segmentation in Shopify, including templates and actions.

Shopify Audiences Version 2.0

Cut customer acquisition cost by up to 50%

With smarter algorithms, Shopify Audiences now drives even better ad performance.

Visually rich product imagery with Google AI

Create and enhance visual content in the Google & YouTube app with a suite of AI tools that generate lifestyle scenes, increase image resolution, and remove backgrounds.

In addition to having forms as popovers, now you can embed forms into a page, have multiple forms on your store at once, and customize how and when your form teaser shows up. Use forms to capture additional information like birthdays, phone numbers, or custom metafields.

A merchant includes a single-choice list in their popover. The popover poses the question 'Shopping for:' and offers three options: women, men, or both.

Shopify Collabs

Collabs Network lets creators instantly sell your products

It’s easier to get verified creators selling your products with the latest Shopify Collabs updates.

B2B selling

We're making it easier to sell wholesale on Shopify. With the latest updates to our built-in B2B features and our new curated network for sourcing and selling products, you no longer have to choose between advanced features and the ease of doing B2B in one place.

Shopify Collective

Curate products to sell with brands you love

Sell new products from Shopify brands that complement yours without managing inventory or handling shipping.

Using Shopify Forms, add an account request form to your store for prospective business customers. Approved customers will automatically have their submitted information moved to a new company profile, so they can start buying right away. Exclusive to Shopify Plus.

Capture PO numbers on orders and at checkout, which are then visible in the admin, within customer accounts, and on the Orders API. Exclusive to Shopify Plus.

Without touching any code, you can now migrate your wholesale customers and their historical orders from your existing store to B2B on Shopify. If you're using the Shopify Plus Wholesale Channel, you can also convert your price lists to catalogs. Exclusive to Shopify Plus.

Show customers a list of product variants, so they can easily order sizes, colors, and more, all from one section of your product pages. Exclusive to Shopify Plus.

Now, business customers can conveniently pay for their orders and invoices with PayPal, and you can easily reconcile payments in the admin. Exclusive to Shopify Plus.

Manage your money

Shopify helps you manage your finances with everything from payment support to spending, borrowing, and banking tools. With everything in one place, you can keep your money moving and your business running smoothly.

More customer payment options and support for custom checkouts

With checkout extensions and expanded payment processing capabilities, now you can offer customers more payment options.

Shopify Fraud Control

Block fraud before it happens

Get new analytics and custom rules to help analyze your risk of fraud and automate prevention.

Shopify Balance

Get up to 5 additional accounts, integrate with more accounting software, and easily transfer funds

Seamlessly pay your suppliers, vendors, rent, utilities, and more—even if they're across borders—with Bill Pay in the admin. Currently available to businesses in the United States.

Man reviews bills categorized as paid, scheduled, or unpaid

File your US sales taxes more accurately in less time with our enhanced US sales tax report. Shopify Tax breaks down your data to the state-, county-, and local-level, letting you access the details you need with less effort.

A new option to securely store credit cards for easier conversion

Enterprise businesses can offer customers a secure way to save payment methods.

A customer selects the credit or debit card payment method for a store. Two cards are available to choose from.

Shopify Payments

More restricted categories now eligible

Now businesses that offer products in certain restricted categories like CBD, tobacco, sexual wellness, and pharmaceuticals may be eligible to use Shopify Payments.

Orders & fulfillment

Built-in order management and delivery tools help you fulfill orders faster and for less. Manage your entire fulfillment process from inventory and orders to shipping, delivery, and returns.

Shopify Shipping

Ship orders faster

Speed up fulfillment with bulk label purchasing, recommendations on package shipping, and new cost reporting.

Four package sizes are listed. Shopify Shipping suggests using a large box to fulfill an order of soccer balls, instead of the store's default medium box.

Planet app

Offer carbon-neutral shipping on all orders

Customize the badge you add to your store, and display unique stats about your business's impact removing carbon.

Streamline fulfillment operations, reduce shipping costs, and get products to customers faster with smart order routing. Now businesses with multiple fulfillment locations can automatically prioritize where orders get fulfilled, based on a set of rules.

Everyday operations

We've reimagined the admin and enhanced performance across the platform, so it's easier to do everyday business tasks. Now you can automate workflows, better understand your analytics, and discover new apps to customize your admin and customer experience.

Shopify admin

A new, uplifted visual design for the admin

We've reimagined the admin to be more streamlined and intuitive.

Shopify admin

Experience an easier-to-use admin

With updates to the bulk editor, improved search, and actionable data and insights, it's easier to get work done in the admin.

Shopify App Store

Discover the right apps for your exact needs

The Built for Shopify program, more relevant app reviews, and better recommendations make it easier to find high-quality apps.

Customize your reporting and analytics

Now you can customize your analytics dashboard and filter the cohort analysis report.

Shopify mobile app

Simplified navigation and product creation on mobile

Easily add and configure new products, upload media, and switch between accounts with the latest mobile features.

Benchmark key metrics against similar businesses

Use benchmarks in reporting to stack your key metrics against other businesses similar to yours.

A graph shows 'online store conversion' over time, using lines to indicate the store average and benchmarks for the 75th percentile, median, and 25th percentile.